Solution, Suspension and Colloid


A Solution is a mixture that is homogenous and is made up of one or more solutes dissolved in a solvent. The solvent is present in mixture in the largest amount when compare to the solute(s).

A Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture containing particles that undergo sedimentation from the solvent-like phase. This occur sometime after the particle introduction to solvent-like phase.

A Colloid is a heterogeneous mixture made up of a solvent and suspended particles. The particles because of their small size will not undergo sedimentation.

Solutions Suspensions Colloids
Particle size Less than 1 nm Greater than 1000nm 1 to 1000nm
Passage light

Tyndall Effect

Light pass through solution/No Tyndall Effect May or may not display Tyndall Effect Display Tyndall Effect


Effect Sedimentation No Effect Particles undergo  sedimentation eventually No Effect


Additional Material

Solutions and mixtures

True Solution, Suspension and Colloidal Solution

What Is a Solution?

Tyndall Effect


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