Ecology Part 8: Resources


Resources are materials or substances that can be manipulated to fulfil human’s needs and wants. Many people will think of oil, gold, bauxite, forest and livestock when the word “resources” is use. Natural resources, Human made resources and Human resources are the three types of resources.

Natural resources are resources found occurring in the world naturally. Natural resources are very valuable in their natural forms to humans. Natural resources can be classified as either actual resources or potential resources base on development need. Also, the origin of natural resources cause natural resources to be divided into two categories; Abiotic natural resources or Biotic natural resources. Some natural resources are renewable, while others are not. Base on renewability natural resources can either be classified as non-renewable natural resources or renewable natural resources.

Example of natural resources

  • Air
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Sunlight

Human Made Resources are resources made by humans from manipulating materials and/or substances found in nature.

Example of Human Made Resources

  • Building
  • Roads
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery

Human Resources has to do with the fact that humans are considered resources, because of our ability to use the materials and substances in the world to satisfy our needs and wants.  We are able to create more resources through our accumulated skill, knowledge and technology.


Supportive Reading Material on Resources


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