Digital & Analog Scale

digital scale

A digital scale is a digital device used to measure mass of objects or substances. The scale works by utilizing an internal strain gauge. The scale is design so that the load is evenly distributed on the strain gauge in order to obtain the mass of the object or substance. Other factors such as the alteration of electrical current combine with the degree of deformation of the strain gauge to produce the desire reading (mass/weigh of object or substance).

Digital scales are precise, accurate, durable and output consistent readings over long period of time. It’s important to note that digital scales may not be 100% accurate. Digital scales can be used in areas such as; kitchen, health center, school, garage, etc.

N.B. Digital scales give direct readings with the relevant unit.

Analog scale possess no power supply and display readings using dials or needle pointer. They are made up of springs and pieces that work together to produce readings. Analog scales enable their users to read the dials or needle pointer located on the scale to obtain readings. The readings produce by analog scales varies and may require error analysis. Because analog scales easily wear out over a period of time, they become ineffective or unreliable for producing accurate readings.

Analog scales are presently being replaced by digital scales. Digital scales are easier to read, accurate, durable, portable, lightweight and some contain memory to store data. Some digital scales can connect via networks.


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