agricultural engineering

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If you want to make a difference in the world by ensuring mankind food security, you can do so by studying Agricultural Engineering.

Agricultural engineering involves knowledge of farm machines and equipment. It also deals with developing new systems and practices to address problems facing agriculture. Thus helping to advance and preserve mankind food security. But it is important to note that a lot of countries have not achieved food security. So if you are from one of those countries, you can play your part by studying agricultural engineering.

Agricultural engineers use science and engineering principles to solve problems facing agriculture. They design new equipment’s and system overall to make farming easier and cheaper. Let me break it down for you; agricultural engineer’s help to develop storage system for food, drainage and irrigation systems for farms and also develop practices that conserve the soil best (prevent soil erosion).

If you want to become an agricultural engineer you should do subjects like mathematics, English A, economics, chemistry, physics, biology, information technology and agricultural science. It’s also wise to do those subject in O-level and A-level or SAT.

And if you manage to do all that and become an agricultural engineer. You can find employment in irrigation and drainage system manufacturing companies, government and private research labs, environmental firms, large farms, and mining companies. Please note that agricultural engineers can work in many different areas, even companies that produce alternate fuels employ agricultural engineers.


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