Branches of Agriculture


Agriculture is composed of five specialized branches. The five branches are:

  1. Agronomy; Agronomy deals with soil management and the growing of crops.
  2. Horticulture; Horticulture deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops.
  3. Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural engineering involves knowledge of farm machines and equipment. It also deals with developing new systems and practices to address problems facing agriculture.
  4. Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Economics deals with the business end of farming.
  5. Animal Science; Animal Science is basically the breeding and caring of animal for specific purposes, such as for there meat, milk and/or fur.


 Agronomy utilizes science and technology to produce plants, in order to meet human need for fuel and food. Agronomy use scientific principles from the field of chemistry, biology, economics, ecology, earth science and also genetics.

Agronomy covers areas such as plant physiology, plant genetics, soil science and meteorology. The practitioners of agronomy are called Agronomist. A bachelor degree in agricultural science, agronomy or other related fields is needed to become an Agronomist. Agronomist usually specialized in areas such as crop rotation, soil fertility, irrigation, insect and pest control.

Agronomists are presently involved in creating healthier safer food, environmental management and producing energy from plants.

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