Branches of Agriculture


Agriculture is composed of five specialized branches. The five branches are:

  1. Agronomy; Agronomy deals with soil management and the growing of crops.
  2. Horticulture; Horticulture deals with the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops.
  3. Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural engineering involves knowledge of farm machines and equipment. It also deals with developing new systems and practices to address problems facing agriculture.
  4. Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Economics deals with the business end of farming.
  5. Animal Science; Animal Science is basically the breeding and caring of animal for specific purposes, such as for their meat, milk and/or fur.


40 responses to “Branches of Agriculture

  1. Thank you for you making me to understand some ideas about agriculture. How can are get agriculture
    Book from the internet?

  2. I so much love Agriculture. Dreamt of becoming a farmer, but the education system of my country(Nigeria) killed it all, I ended up being a Geologist. Is that any possibility for me to study Agriculture at my post-graduate education? Thanks

    • A geologist study the solid & liquid matter relating to the earth and much more. Your knowledge should get you into an Agricultural post-graduate programme. However, it depends on how closely the Agricultural post-graduate programme is related to your degree like soil science.

  3. Thank you so much for the detailed and clear understanding of the branch of agriculture..actually I would likes you ti advice me on which courese should I specialize in after my Bsc.Agriculture? Relating it to the agriculture trend of Africa and the world…

  4. Apologies- There is a typo in the fifth point. Instead of “there” it should be a possessive “their.” I hate to be a grammar Nazi, but it really irks me. >o<

  5. Thank you so much for making me to understand the five (5) main branches of agriculture I actually get concept of its

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