Introduction to Agriculture








Agriculture is the growing of crops and the rearing of animals, using scientific principles and knowledge acquired over a period of time. In order to meet people needs for food, clothing and shelter. Some people think that agriculture is a non-technical area. In many third world countries, majority of the farmer utilize primitive method and equipments to do agriculture. This result in unsatisfactory monetary gain for their efforts.

In many first world countries such as Canada; agriculture is the foundation on which other activities are conducted. In countries such as Canada a small proportion of the work force, works in the agricultural sector. This is because modern agricultural practices, equipments and technology as enable them to mass produce. But it’s the opposite in many third world countries, where you find majority of the work force within the agricultural sector and low production output. The low production output is due to the inadequate utilization of modern scientific principles, technology and equipment.

The Importance of Agriculture to the World

  •  Agriculture provides food for man, his family and his animals.
  • Agriculture provides clothing for man and his family. Animal skin and hair is harvested before and/or after slaughtering to make clothing for humans. Plant fiber is also use to make clothing for man.
  • Agriculture provides shelter for man and his family.
  • Agriculture also provides medicine and stimulants need for the continual survival of humanity. Many medical plants are grown on a large scale using agricultural principles and technology, to provide medicine for man ailments.
  • Agriculture also aides in regional integrated and world trade.  Agriculture helps to develop friendships among countries.
  • Agriculture helps to conserve land and habitats. Agriculture allows humans to meet their needs and also protect the environment. E.g. Organic farming.
  • Agriculture generates income for individuals and families across the world.

The importance of agriculture to the world is not limited to the list above.


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